How does Nationals work?

Hello all- my team (1279) is only in its second year and we just won the New Jersey regional. We didnt have the chance to attend nationals last year, but we are going this year. Since we have not been to nationals, can anyone who has been tell me how the whole event works?.. how many fields there are? how they manage 300+ teams at once? how the flow is? etc. etc… It would be much appreciated. Thanks

Disclaimer: I’ve never been to nationals and have just gathered this from other posts on ChiefDelphi.

At Nationals, there are four divisions, and each team is assigned to a division. Qualifiers and elimination rounds are held in each division (as if each division was its own regional), until there are four division champion alliances. These alliances than play each other to determine the national champion alliance.

Last year, I attended Nationals.
Goobergunch has summed up the format quite well.
The flow last year was quite well actually. The only complaint being the long walks between the pits / the fields / the stands. This year, FIRST has said that they have improved upon that.

Congrats on winning the NJ Regional!
I look forward to seeing you in Atlanta.

There are 4 divisions(Archimedes, Curie, Galileo, Newton).
The pit area is in the next door convention center.
Each division is like a large regional of it’s own. They do qualification matches with one another. On Saturday they do the final qualification and elimination rounds. Teh winner of the four divisions do a final four on the main field (Einstien) til there is a winner.
Basically it’s like a uber-super-gigantic regional.

There are 5 total fields, but one (Einstein) is only used for division vs division playoffs. There are 4 divisions, one division per field. The pits are in an adjacent building to the Georgia Dome. All of the matches are played in the Georgia Dome. And its ALOT OF FUN!!!

Nationals organized chaos, it is quite interesting the pits has its own stadium and the competitions are like 5 miles away ( ok maybe not that far). It is alot of fun though, if you though a regional had alot of energy multiply that by like 10 and pack it into 3 days, and at the end of it all you party. Then the season starts over and so does the whole process


I know all the old-timers recall it being the “Nationals” when it was at Epcot, but it hasn’t been called that for a few years. I also know that term is irritating to our Canadian friends and teams from other countries. The event is correctly titled “2005 Championship Event”. Please be respectful of our friends and competitors who do not come from the United States and refer to it by its’ proper name.

How are divisions determined? I’ve also never been to nationalsand would like to find out about it.

in the past once all the regionals are played and the final list of competitors is made FIRST went down the teams 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4 where each number is a division

well the past 2 years seem to be just the 1,2,3,4 count off for the divisions. hopefully something new this year?

I bet they are gonna stick with that system. Hopefully not, cus then I doubt well be in the same division as 122. And it also makes it impossible for us to be in the same division as 118. :frowning: (I enjoy the coolness of Chainzilla).

I thought it’d atleast be random. We’re probably gonna be in the 4th division (1023)…atleast we won’t be up against vetern teams. No offense meant to rookie teams becuase i’m sure they will be just as hard to beat as any other team.

Whats with the wednesday uncrating? There is a chance that our flight might not be in by then, what should we do?

The trick to enjoying “Nationals” is to have fun. Always remember Gracious Professionalism. Meet new people. Give it your all. And be all that you can be!

You’ll still be up against veterans. It doesn’t mean that the lowest team numbers are all in one division, slightly higher numbers are in another division, middle of the run team numbers are in one division, and high numbers are in a final division, it means that the lowest team is in division one, second lowest is in division 2, 3rd in division 3, 4th in division 4, then it starts over and the 5th would be in division 1, and so on.

One other thing that is different is that the awards are interspersed with the “final four” matches. For example, they will play a single match then give away two awards.

Also, for most awards, you have two team representatives that sit close and accept the awards. It would take to long for entire teams to travel throughout the whole stadium to get to the floor if they did it like at regionals. For the chairmans award, and maybe a few others, the entire team does go down.

One thing with nationals,

because of having 24 robots running simultaneously, and 4 copies of the IFI scanner, IFI is worried about interferance from second and third order resonences creating control dificulties.

Are you sure about that? I don’t know too much about RF, but I’d think that the 40 channels, all in the 900MHz range would be plenty and sufficient for, well, up to 40 teams playing simultaneously.

Also, note that the agenda has been released and it will give you information about when FRC, FLL and VEX events are to occur. All three components of FIRST will be competing in Atlanta at the same time; in addition, the 2005 FIRST Robotics Conference sessions will begin Thursday at 11:00 a.m. and run through Saturday morning.

Also note that the Solar Trend 2005 conference will be held in the adjacent World Congress Center as part of Georgia’s Earth Day activities. “Solar Trend 2005 is an international conference and expo designed to showcase the latest advances on solar technologies, other renewable energy and energy efficient, projects, products and services from around the world and to expand the use of solar energy as well as allure energy conservation awareness.” [This is NOT a part of the FIRST program and a separate admission fee will be charged to enter this conference/exposition.]

well itss been a few years since ive been, but ill take a stab. it used to be dangerous in the pits on thursday morning having all those teams uncrating at the same time. so similar to regionals i assume, a few from each team will be allowed in wed. night to uncrate. and i figure FIRST has thought about late showing teams, so there should be no problem still uncrating thursday morning