How does TBA Insight Data work

does anyone know how insight data is calculated, for example right now my team is rank 1 in teleop points in insight, I dont think this is data for a whole team, but instead seems like it is data for a single teams scoring, based off the other teams positions, but I dont think this data is officially kept, or is it, also how is the OPR calculated as well, and is this all just manual data or is it something else

All of the insights data are calculated manually using the official scores data (at least to my knowledge, OPR may be from first?)

Outside of OPR, DPR, and CCWM, the rest of the component OPRs are new this year and come from this pull request created by @jtrv . You can poke into the code and see how it works, or he might come by and give a quick breakdown.

ok I found a post from TBA, that talks about how it is calculated, its not perfect but it is single team data I think, and they are calculating it from the error of all the matches of all you and your alliance members, or smth like that, so it saying we have top teleop score rn is prolly mostly accurate, but slightly skewed

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