how does team 47 get federal funds

At the kick off workshop…you indicated you get funding for girls in the club under title 9 and gender equity programs for girls in science.We talked to ppl at our HS and they wanted to know if we were from mars.What buzz words are we not using.We have 6 girls in our club:confused:

There are many sources from the federal Gov. that have grant money available. At the workshop in Manchester that I gave I mentioned several common ones.

Catagorical funds are funds that have special rules as to who and how they are spent is a certain catagory. The catagory may apply ( I think it will ) apply to your “educational adventure”, your “Enrichment program”, your “Career Exploration” and any other term you may need to coin to match the funds.

Title I monies have special rules as to how the money can be spent. Many school districts get these $$$.

There are other Title monies that include mones for “Gender Equity” ( girls in non-traditional careers ) minority funds, career exploration,and a host of other federal monies and grants.

Here is the trick: In your school district there is an administrator that is assigned the task of federal funding. Find him or her and get on good terms, find out the rules. Often, there is money for your school that the principal can spend and they do not inform the staff where the money is from. They only say it is from the board, while that is true, it is really federal $$ for the entire district/school to share.

Speak up! Question finances.

Again search out the person in charge, then get the parents to voice their needs at the board meetings asking why and how the funds are being spent. It has to be public record since it is federal $$.

Good luck.