How does the command scheduler work

Hello All,

We are a first year team from Manchester and the students have selected to program in Java. I have embedded C and Simulink programming experience and I am mentoring the students doing the programming.

Amongst me increasing my OOP experience and learning Java, the one area which I haven’t been able to figure out from the excellent documentation and knowledge on this forum is the scheduling.

Would someone be able to explain how the commands are scheduled? We are using the RobotBuilder and it is mysterious how the commands are executed. I see the call to Scheduler.getInstance().run(), but I don’t know what happens in the background.

We are trying to also use the digital gyro on the SPI port and as a sensor not supported by RobotBuilder I need to figure out how to initialize it and use it. I grabbed some code off this forum and we are trying to debug it.

Overall how the commands are scheduled and how the smart dashboard is updated is a little bit of a mystery that is hampering us.




This page may have some of the info you’re looking for: