How does the WPI CAN SEND function work?

I’m currently working on creating CAN communication between the roboRIO and an Arduino Uno MCP2515 CAN-BUS shield.
My end goal is to have the roboRIO communicating with a RoboteQ MDC1460 Brushed DC Motor Controller but first wanted to understand how CAN communication works with an Arduino and wanted to be able to see the received information before controlling a motor.
I’m struggling understanding how the CAN SEND function in LabView works.
I have a simple LabView program using the CAN SEND from the WPI Robotics Library and the Arduino is receiving information from the roboRIO but not the information I have programmed on the roboRIO. I am also receiving an ERROR(-44088) on the CAN SEND function. I have the bit rate set at 1000KBPS. The Arduino is only receiving an ID and not the ID I wrote on the program and not getting any of the programmed data. Could anyone explain how the WPI CAN functions work? Or any other suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?
Thank you