How does Wind River deploy code to the robot?

I’ve been wondering how to deploy code to the robot by hand, because the FRC deploy tool has been…finicky, at best. I was under the impression that the deploy tool just connected to the robot via FTP and transferred over the code to FRCUserProgram.out. However, when I did this, the driver station complains about “no robot code”. Am I missing a step?

If you have your pc firewall enabled then you will have trouble deploying the code from the WindRiver IDE. So turn the firewall off and it will probably work fine. Make sure that you have WindRiver configured properly to pick up the right object from your project.

you can use FTP to move the file over. I cannot remember precisely where on the cRio you need to drop the code and you also need to have a particular filename. If I get a chance I’ll look it you but I think you can find it pretty quickly on a properly formatted cRio using something like Filezilla.

edit: from another thread: “Next, use Filezilla or some other FTP client and log into your cRIO with a user ID of “FRC” and password of “FRC”. CD to /ni-rt/system and copy your .out to FRC_UserProgram.out, exit the FTP client and reboot the cRIO. You should be good to go.”

Note the spelling of ‘FRC_UserProgram.out’ versus ‘FRCUserProgram.out’ in your post.

Hm. I misspelled the file name in my original post, but that’s definitely what I did. And it’s not a firewall problem, I have it completely disabled when I deploy. Maybe I just had bad luck the first time.

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