How does your robot load????

does you robot load from the bottom up like a lawn mower, or does it load over the top like a conveyor

my team was just wondering…

We are loading over the top like a conveyor.

We have a mechanism that picks balls up from the ground (like a lawn mower) and takes them to the top of the robot, where they are entered into the shooting canal. I guess this would count as a “conveyor belt” type loader?

well we have designs and a prototype for sucking them off the ground and bottom-feeding them into a big hopper. However, as of this moment our robot doesn’t even hold balls, much less pick them up. (We can shoot though, we got rapid fire working today!)

our bot picks up balls from the back, we used a sim motor to spin wheels, when the ball hits these wheels it get compressed and shot up into a hopper that still need to be built and then into the shooter which is already mounted, not sure what the loader qualifys as

We have a conveyor that picks balls up off the floor and takes them up to the feed system to the shooter. We also (plan to) have a catch net to make it easier for the human players to toss balls in.

are we talking about loading balls into the robot or into the shooter?
ours uses a conveyor to bring the balls up, then deposits them in a hopper and delivers them to the shooter at the bottom (assuming we get the launcher built)

human player or other robots

We are loading lawn- mower style into our hopper with 2 rollers and polycord.

we have a roller in front which will throw the balls up a chute into our open hopper

How is “both” for an answer choice?

Our robot has the ability to collect balls from bottom and top.

There’s no option for both…

Our robot has the ability to be “fed” by human players, and to gather balls off the ground. They all end up in a hopper above the shooter, to be fired when we see fit.