how does your robot move?

our robot moves by wheels. at the platform we will use a pneumatic afterburner to push us up the ramp

It doesn’t yet.

what is movement??? i haven’t figured that out yet, and just can’t find out how to do it…oh well… we’ll just have to wait and see how its accomplished, im in the air when it comes to moving…or by car lol… :yikes: :smiley: :]

Mainly Forward Backward, and ALL NEW :ahh: TURNING MOTION!! :ahh:

that sounds interesting, wish our robot was that functional…

Our robot is suposed to move using wheel, it isnt yet but it should soon i hope?

these are good answers

ty for the info

Uh, does treaded wheels count as both?

This is a great idea! (reaches for custom order form)

We’re using the smae six wheel drive system our robot had last year (it was very relaible).