How does your team communicate?

How does your communicate with each other electonically

We have a google group email list for announcements to the team.

We also have a private facebook group for chit chat and things like that.

We keep all our documents in a shared google docs folder so that we can all see and modify the team’s documents.

AFAIK, our team generally uses mass texts, Facebook, and emails for the mentors. Occasional phone call, but only if it’s urgent and drastic.

This year our team has moved away from using google groups because people weren’t utilizing it. This year we have started to use Remind 101. Its primary use is for teachers being able to communicate to students.

We use a website called Wiggio for team communication. It provides the ability to send messages through email and text, as well as providing file storage and a calendar. We’ve been using it since 2012, and it’s worked pretty well for us.

Mostly email announcements.

We also have a forum on our website.

We use Trello for just about everything. If someone needs to do something, they’re added to a card. We have a board set up just for announcements–everyone is subscribed to it (or should be).

We also use Wiggio…stands for working in groups…

Our official communications go out through email. We have a private Facebook group to remind people to check and respond to emails, keep up with alumni, and post vaguely robotics related material. For events like tournaments we distribute info through a mass texting service. We also have a Twitter account that describes general team activities. Last is our website, which has a calendar and potential to have accounts with access to private files and forums.

We used Google groups for years, but recently switched to GroupSpaces for the subgroup, secure roster management, and file storage. I add fields to keep track of sub team, parents, graduating year, etc… Each subteam has an email address. We have 200+ entries across the FRC and two FTC teams. Working on loading alumni and boosters next.

We also use google drive/forms to collect information. A google calendar for important dates. Students and parents can pull-in the events into their calendar using the ICS URL. The marketing team also maintains the public website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter feed

My team predominantly uses Facebook groups to communicate, we have two actually. One of them is a page that anyone can like and is open to the public while the other is a closed member based group that are kept mainly to mentors, parents, and students on our team (though plenty of members from other teams are in there as well).

The closed Facebook group has proven to be very useful because anyone can post in there with a question for the entire team to see and it’ll be answered usually within 10-20 minutes. It has proven very useful to get any updates and events out to our team as well as allowing them to ‘comment’ their input, I highly recommend this type of communication if you can get everyone on your team on board to do it with you.

We use a Google Group through which we can email the entire team + parents and mentors easily. I highly recommend it.

We mainly communicate through email and recently the Remind101 text service for team wide announcements and facebook for student leader discussions. We communicate out to parents and the community through Facebook, Twitter, our weekly Youtube blogs

Primarily - E-mail (Google Group) as well as a team e-mail that is monitored by the student leadership.
Secondary - Closed Team Facebook Group as well as smaller closed groups used by student leadership and other discreet team subdivisions.
Tertiary - Text Messaging.