How does your team do scouting?

What is the way your team scouts during competitions to acquire information on individual teams?

  • On paper scouting
  • Scouting app
  • Collaboration with another team
  • Using another teams scouting app / method of scouting
  • Using TBA / Statbotics

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Im not sure if there is any more options to add but please let me know if i missed anything!

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Scouting mentor here.

We have done paper scouting, then entering into computer where excel does its magic for years. I plan to go to an electronic method for next year if possible, but paper works and it is pretty easy. I would be more than willing to help you start something if that is what youre looking for.

I think paper is a good first start too. Its easy to edit quickly.

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I appreciate the support but this was more or less just a pole to see what other teams use. 3512 usually collaborates with 4414 since the TideScout app is easy to use and fairly accurate on information.

One thing im looking to see is if teams are developing automated scouting systems that could erase the human input from competitions, it would be very interesting to see how this type of application can be used for the future of FRC.


Paper…still trying to figure out how to do it electronically…HOWEVER…none of the last two venues had wifi or internet of any kind to merge info. Not ideal for this modern age.

I have seen electronic ways where the tablet or computer keeps the data and then its moved via cable, or a scanner via bluetooth, so no wifi is needed. I agree I will never do something that requires that.


Many teams, mine included, use QR codes to pass data from the scouting device to a central computer that’s running the database/data analysis. No wi-fi or cellular data required.


In 2019, one of the kids on our team rigged up a QR code scanner using a Nerf gun and a webcam. :sunglasses: Last year, we realized we could just buy a USB bar code scanner from Amazon for like $20, so we have that now. :sweat_smile:


Our team uses 2 different methods at the same event.

  1. The coach, me, along with a few other mentors determine our ranking order of our 1st pick, mostly based on watching matches ourselves, checking rankings, and seeing obvious stats on the scoreboard.
  2. The data our informal scout team in the stands and at home, help us come up with the top 24 teams including ourselves. At worst (best), all you need is 24. We need to this to best determine the second pick.
    We do have a DNP list we start with before ranking teams. We had a team go rouge on us from the start of a match, and then refusing to balance on charging station at the end of a match. The worst part is that we spent over 2 hours helping them even move in a match. Those we put on our lifetime DNP list.

We are in the same position, 6 scouts on paper, then gets passed to us where we input it to google form. That is going really smoothly, Our head coach suggested to have an web app for the near future, probably an off-season thing. I really like 2485’s web app

This is our second year using a custom scouting app and I highly recommend it. Last year we developed a scouting app that performed pretty well considering how quickly it was developed. Thanks to @Brush, This year we developed a new one that can be downloaded off the app store and is faster, better performing, and more user friendly.

It was a game changer for us and entirely changed our scouting process. Having match data and being able to visualize that for alliance picks and for the drive coach has been instrumental for us in competition performance.

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Very interested in learning how to pass this information through QR codes. Would you be willing to give some insight on this process??

In the past few years we’ve been inputting data straight into Google Sheets. We also scout and share data with our sister team, 8874, since we’re usually at the same events.

Here is a full-featured demo scouting app I worked up (for last years game) for our scouting team programmers to look at. It’s designed to be pretty easy to modify from year to year. It uses QR codes to transmit data into a spreadsheet. You are welcome to steal anything useful you find from it (“View Source”).

[It has the rather silly name of “Grid Test” because I used it to learn the CSS display:grid stuff]

We use an app made with Appsheet. One of the most valuable things we get out of it is a match report before each qualifier and playoff match.
We also have a complete alliance selection report as well. Our scouts use their own mobile device and cellular signal.

Here is an example of our match report with dummy data:
2023 Charged up V3.pdf (112.9 KB)

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How our app is built:

We use ScoutingPASS by PWNAGE 2451. It uses an offline browser page to collect data, which generates a QR captured into a spreadsheet. We then use the Tableau Desktop app to analyze and display the results.

They also run an off season scouting competition.

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Just a heads up - generally venues will disable their wifi as it can mess with the field.


Most of our scouts use their phones and access the Internet using cellular data. For those who use laptops, they generally have to edit offline and periodically connect using their personal hotspots. Using cell data is preferable so that scouting leads can watch scouts enter data in real time and make sure everyone’s editing the right sheet.

We use paper for pit scouting most of the time, and Formstack for scoring-based scouting and concise pit scouting. The former allows us to add extra notes and be fluid with our pit work, but the specifics of a Formstack form give us concise results. Everything is also offline until we need to upload, and that can be done using cellular if need be.

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