How does your team get new members to join?

Hi everyone, happy easter. This season our team only had about 3 new members, which really hurt our numbers. We did a couple outreach events in the area, but I feel like we didn’t do a great job of making the team seem fun, or interesting. I wanted to ask how teams advertised themselves to new members and how they got new people to join? Any tips will be appreciated.

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We mostly do outreach programs to gain funding for our team, but most of our recruiting comes from us doing exhibitions at our high school and accompanying middle school. We have a t-shirt cannon that we bring to home games, and our mentor, the one and only Sam McAmis, shows off his battlebot, Gruff, at our middle school. Of course, not every FRC team has a mentor in battlebots, but just showing off yall’s robots to the public brings a lot of attention to your school.