How does your team keep track of video?

So this question has multiple parts, and is really geared towards those teams that make a prolific amount of videos.

  1. How do you all and share videos? I assume we want a cloud-based solution, but those are pretty expensive. Do you all have suggestions for good services you all use?

  2. How do you all work on designing videos together? We use Premiere Pro, but we struggle with having multiple people able to edit the same video (unless we took turns on the same computer). How do you all let multiple people edit the same video?

  3. What organization structure do you all use? Almost everyone struggles with organizing videos and photos, and filtering out the lower quality ones over time. What is an optimal way of doing this?

Thanks for the help!

Dropbox will give you 1TB of storage for $10 a month-ish?

Google will double that for $10 month.

For storage, we actually have a pretty nice setup. We have a rather large amount (~14 TB) of local storage on a file server (running FreeNAS). With a gigabit switch, we hardly ever notice any latency with accessing video files. File transfers aren’t that bad either. Definitely better compared to cloud storage. If we need offsite access, we have a VPN set up. It’s not quick, but it is useful in a pinch. Typically we store what we think we need for a competition on an external hard drive.

We also use Premiere Pro, as well as many other Adobe products. Since everything is stored on the file server, we can pull up any project from any computer. There’s no way that I know of to have two people edit the video simultaneously. I’m not sure there is many video/photo software out there that allows that. However, with the file server setup passing off the project is as simple as saving, closing out the file, and opening on another computer. Our media team is small enough that it has never been a large issue before. If a specific video requires a lot of input, we can all crowd around a monitor.

This is the part that we have a bit of a struggle with. It’s actually not too much of a mess, but things do occasionally fall through the cracks. If we are collecting footage for a specific project, and don’t really expect it to be used elsewhere (e.g. interview footage), it goes straight into the video project folder. If it is random footage (B-roll), it goes into Lightroom. In addition to the expected photos, we also keep video sorted and tagged using that software. Lightroom doesn’t handle video playback well, but it provides a convenient way to sort videos by tag/date/other metadata.

I hope this helps! Since we are geographically adjacent, feel free to question me further at the next district event.

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I create a shared google photos album and I share the link in the team group chat

We do the same thing right now, except we sort through and keep all the good ones in our Google Drive. Only thing to be wary of is that Google Photos only has unlimited storage for upload quality of 16MP for photo, and 1080p for video. To upload resolutions higher than that, I counts towards your Google Drive quota.

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My team’s school gives us Adobe CC for Teams for free, so as long as we find a way to have the media shared across the computers we can all edit the same Premiere project simultaneously. As the only video editor on the team right now though, I just hook up my 2TB external and edit off of that.

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