How does your team plan on integrating 2020's Infinite Recharge into your teams themes?

After the announcement of next years game being presumably about city planning and power, (aswell as what in my opinion feels like a tacked on Star Wars theme due to last minute sponsorships) how does your team plan on intergrating the theme into your teams theme?

Unknown currently. The theme is still rather ambiguous. All we know is that it is called “Infinite Recharge”, its roughly about the future of humanity, and it is sponsored by Star Wars ‘Force for Change’ (though we don’t know how much Star Wars will play into the actual game theme, if at all). Not terribly much to go off of, branding wise. We will probably stylize stuff to future technologies, especially things like solar and wind.

Does anyone remember when the Destination: Deep Space branding was released? I believe the logos and everything were released prior to kickoff.


My hope is to have our drive team wearing Star Trek uniforms, just to buck the trend.


I think it was around when the teaser was released in October or November.

If it is Star Wars themed (tho, I doubt it is) then looks like our team is already covered.

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Personally I find gearing a teams image, year to year to follow games themes, to be far to expensive and inefficient to officially gear anything towards it.

That’s like investing in company’s that you know will be bankrupt within a year.


All I known is if fat brian griffin doesn’t return I will not be happy.

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4450 will best you to that trend, already having the whole team in those uniforms with each color signifying what group theyre in.

Our team has been working to incorporate green energy, mainly solar, into our program for about a year now. I am hoping to install solar panels on our team trailer before next season that will charge our batteries while traveling so the theme will be a great launch for this new project! Also on the fun side of this, I am a cosplayer and prop maker on the side and have told the team if they design star wars themed helmets or props by mid summer I can have them ready by kick off or at least competition.

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