How does your team store belts, gears, and sprockets

We are currently doing some shop clean up and our belt, gear, and sprocket drawers are a mess, how does your team store these things so people can easy get to and see what they have.

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Our team uses these sort of things to organize our different belts, gears, and bolts. We write with sharpie on top of the clear plastic what is in the bin below. They allow for easy transport and access ability


This board by 118 is one of my favourite solutions I’ve seen. Some other good suggestions in that thread too.


In our shop we use a pegboard. One peg for each size of gear or sprocket.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough belts and pulleys to warrant a similar solution for those but I imagine it would work well for pulleys. You could even do the same sort of thing that’s shown above with belts by making custom sizes things that slot into the pegboard.

We made these last summer for our gears, sprockets, and pulleys out of 2x4 scraps and pieces of threaded rod we had lying around. It’s made a huge improvement in our ability to keep track of what sizes we have in stock compared to the unsorted box of gears we had previously.


You can sort them by teeth amount and put them in small drawers.

I have a bunch of those for organizing my Lego parts. They are really nice because the removable bins can be swapped around so one can have more or less of a particular size in one unit. The bins also “engage” with the ridges in the lid so that small, thin parts, like washers, don’t escape.

Specifically the DeWalt model pictured is solid and I’d like to get some for 2851’s pit. My favorite because they balance price and functionality. Having used Milwaukee ($$$), Stanley, HDX/anvil, Harbor Freight, Ridgid, you name it. this one takes the cake in my book. They also sell a deep version.

I picked up my Dewalt storage units when Home Depot had them on sale for around $11 a few years ago. I’ve seen them on sale again since but at a higher price.


I picked up 10 of the dewalt “shallow” units at homedepot in the US for the team last year over blackfriday while I was on vacation.

$11USD each was a price we couldn’t pass up! We’re looking to get some more this year and I’m hoping another sale pops up :crossed_fingers:.


We store them on the wall above a door. We laser cut wood hooks and mounted that to a backer board screwed to the wall. Big labels on each belt and a hook on a pole to get them down.

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Whatever system you choose, I’m a big proponent of labeling each gear and pulley with the number of teeth as soon as it comes out of the bag (yes, even if it’s going straight from the bag onto the robot). Black sharpie for gears, silver sharpie for black pulleys. No matter how well you organize them, you will still sometimes find one sitting on a table and either no one knows how many teeth it has, or someone is “pretty sure…” Do yourself a favor and just label them.


The problem I’ve found with the Dewalt boxes is there is at least 3 different versions and none of them work with each other. We also have 2 different Husky cases that don’t work with each other i just just saw a 3rd version the other day that doesn’t seem like it will work with the other 2. The cases are nice but can be frustrating when they don’t connect with each other

Edit: I may have found a partial solution to the dewalt box issue.

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I do agree DeWalt has a system problem, it has created us some headaches before. Though I still am a big fan of them, you just have to pay super close attention I guess

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I plan on swinging by a home depot to check out that adapter tonight

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I know exactly what you mean, with the newer style we’ve gotten a push-cart that has a rack system that the boxes can anchor into but we still have a massive amount of the old ones that don’t really have as easy of a solution and don’t mesh with the other style. Will eagerly await your findings.

We built a storage cart for the Dewalt bins. This thread may be interesting

That adapter plate works with like the 4 different styles of dewalt boxes. It is intended to go on top of a tough system box then you can put any of the other styles on that. It is dual sided so you could potentially sandwich it between a t-stak and a compartment box. I bought one to fiddle with at practice tomorrow. Only thing is, it is a little pricey at $25 but if it soothes my OCD its worth it

They also make a wall storage unit that the Tough System cases can slide into like the cart you pictured

$25 is more than a single box of any type at Home Depot. Don’t know how I’m gonna justify that one lol.

regarding your rack, the length isn’t very modular as the way the attachment points are done on the back means that we couldn’t really get it to a length we’d like. we also have shelves currently that sorta do the job but if they ever somehow magically break i think we’d definitely consider replacing with these.