How Durable Is the Track Ball

I know several threads have been made regarding the trackball, but I was just wondering how durable it really is. How much weight can it withstand, how much pressure has to be put upon a sharp object etc.

We bounced our kitball at the apex into a metal table with a sharp corner. It popped. The material then tears laterally with very little effort.

In short, don’t try and test it to destruction.
Don’t hit it with sharp corners.

Go buy another ball thats about the right size and texture and use the kitball only for testing in controlled circumstances. You don’t want to have to explain to a bunch of students just how big the ball is by pointing to a deflated hunk.


Are track ball has hit our metal rack about 10 times and its still fine

First may wish they had spec ballistic nylon after the balls see a competition.

…I think people may have mistaken what I meant, our ball hasn’t popped…yet…
Anyway, how hard did you guys hit it into the corner?

We went into our storeroom today and found our ball deflated. None of us has any idea how that happened, as it was comletely in tact on Saturday. (It might be due to the fact that it was sitting next to a sheet of diamond plated aluminum with sharp edges, but no source has confirmed this yet)… lol