how far along building

just wonderin how far along everyone is in the building process. we actualyl got ours to move. we feel that we are doing preety decent us being a rookie team. lets just hope we can do something with the <tubs, bins, boxes, containers, crates>.
best of luck to all teams.

john scans

We almost have a simple chasie. almost
Don’t follow our example, it’s not fun.

We’re still in the design phase :slight_smile: I believe we’re waiting on a big parts shipment…then the fun begins.

we have a basic chassis and are about to begin work on the drivetrain.

OK to be honest I have several nervous team members since the machine shop has not delivered drive train parts yet. BUT we have made some decent progress on programming (we used some old F-P motors ona board) as well as various other parts.

We’ve moved in the sense that motors, under Innovation First control, have made potential parts of the robot move. Up and down stuff. Grabbers.

Every year I feel that we are 2 weeks behind and every year I talk to other teams to find out we’re all about in the same spot.

With luck and some work this weekend will give us a rolling base using the correct drive.

We just got the first of our parts back from the machine shop tonight. By tomorrow, we expect to have a chassis finished, and it ought to be moving in a week’s time. Everything else will just pile on that, and the whole thing is on track to be finished with a week to spare.

Of course, that’s assuming everything works and everything fits. We’ve got some pretty complex pieces coming down the pipe, and it’ll just be a miracle if it all fits right.

We have a driving chassis. Our wiring is mostly done too. We are waiting for stuff to come back from te machine shop for our mechanical stuff.

We return to square one about every three hours.

We have the basic frame and drive train design and are currently working on our mechanisms. We have a prototype frame and will have the final frame done in the next couple of days. We haven’t programmed hardly at all so that is what we need to work on most of all. We will have to robots, one with our new controller that we ship and one with our old controller for practicing after shipping and before hand. We should be done with everything in a week and a half with the mechanical stuff and will only have programming and sensor work. All of the electrical stuff is pretty much done except for final attachment, in other words we have a really cool control box but nothing attached to the frame. We have 3 mechanisms, all are finalized and need to be tested. So watch out for team 906.

lastt year was our first year and this year we are ahead of what we did last yearin my mind… we got the metal done and look to be ready for next shipment of parts before we change its color scheme

Our team has our gearboxes and our omni wheels on a wooden prototype, and we are having some control problems because we are not using the correct years radios and controllers. but our controls team has been moving at top speed developing our autonomous mode and programming our IR sensor microprocesser.
we should have our alumnium chassis by saturday at the latest…we better…eek.!


Right now we could box ours and ship it, but we are still adding a few extras. beware the claw!

We are done with the chasis. All we need now is the new drill motors and to mount everything onto it.

We built our chasis with drive train. we have our robotic arm built but not on the robot yet. so mainly just working on the last bit of debugging stuff

Let’s say…

Chassis made of extrusion is done but is unwelded (bolted instead) in case any problems arise.

Drive train is done.

Gear box is done.

Omni is done.

Main device is done.

Should be done by Saturday… during testing, we were surprised…

Drawings all done, Frame done, Code done, drivetrain and function are in progress. We are closing in on completion. I think within a week we will have a fully functional robot.