How far can an arm extend out when going throught the feeder?

My team and i have discussed it but haven’t found out how far in can you reach when feeding a tube through the feeder…anyone found out the length??
Your help is appreciated, Team 2156

did you read the game rules?

<G28> TEAM members may not extend any part of their body into the FIELD during the MATCH.
Violation: PENALTY

Sounds like “zero inches” is the answer?

Please note that there was a similar rule in 2009 (Lunacy) that generated more than a penalties… HUMAN PLAYERS would stick orbit balls through the loading slot on the sides, and inadvertently get part of their hand just a bit too far, generating a penalty. To compensate, a lot of human players started either throwing all their balls, or holding them in place with one hand and punching them with another to be absolutely certain they didn’t get penalized.

Thanks guys, guess i gotta read more thoroughly next time

It might be hard to catch the meaning of that rule if you don’t stop to think about the definition of the FIELD…sorry I was a bit harsh earlier, I didn’t mean to be…