how far can you ride the ball?

how far can you crab walk on top of the ball? John’s record is about 15 feet, but not in a straight line. Be careful who is near you when you finally loose control…

john ball bw.jpg

john ball bw.jpg

I’ve stayed on it for about 10 minutes, moving around the room a little bit. Not sure of the distance though…

It takes a lot of balance to stay on top, and even more to move it in a predictable direction.

I personally have stayed on for Quite a long time, but I cheated and held on to a table so I wouldn’t fall off. :smiley: But out of my whole team, either boiler or I have stayed on the ball the longest. But we can’t tell since we push each other off the ball whenever one of us gets on, or anyone gets on actually. :slight_smile:

umm yeah…i can do laps around the track…
i’ve also pulled off a full lap no hands just knees
and can stay on it pretty indefinetely, lets just say i had alot of waiting for parts to come in… lol

oh and as i mentioned in another thread i’ve done half a lap (overpass to overpass) in 6.59 seconds lol

I wish I had a chance to play with our teams trackball more… I would have tried to ride a unicycle on top of it by now! :slight_smile:

we have mostly just thrown it at each other

I juggled the ball with my feet 8ish times today. I probably weigh too much to try to ride the ball.