How far have you gotten in "100 Bottles of Milk on the Wall"...

…before being told to shut up, voluntarily shutting up, or being lynched, passing out, and thus being unable to continue?

Today at work boredom set in, so I did the whole thing in about two hours while waiting for customers. (I didn’t sing in front of them or anything. That would be cruel.)

I’ve finished it before but it wasn’t “milk.” :ahh:

All the way of course, on numerous occasions. Substituting things in too ^^

Yea, all the way here too… but not using the word milk as well lol.

Is saying “beer” forbidden in South Carolina? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. I can say beer all I want. In fact…

beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer beer BEER!

I just can’t sell it to you on Sunday.

The only reason I used milk is because I was working and standing in front of customers. I didn’t want to freak anyone out much past the required minimum that happens when you sing the song.

That’s bad enough!

Hmm I was wondering why you had put milk…

What in the world is a “dolt” and a “schimaymay”???

While waiting for some mentors to get to the bus stop after fireworks in Disney one night in 02’ there were about 15 rage kids singing it and we did get to 0 bottles of beer on the wall. Lets just say that the adults couldn’t really critisize us anymore for being late after that one, they got back about 30-45 minutes after the meeting time.

From the Billfred Dictionary of the Mangled English Language…

Dolt n. Moron, often in the sense that the person is oblivious to the world at large. How could Billfred be such a dolt? He didn’t realize that that chair in the Georgia Dome was gonna give way?!

schimaymay (schih-MAY-may) n. An entirety of something. Team 71 has won the whole schimaymay more times than I care to count!

Hopefully, this has been helpful.

I’ve gone to negative numbers before… :o

I thought you were just talking about milk, not beer!

I think I got to 50-60 on the outskirts of chicago.

Unfortunately the milk turned after being left out on the wall. :rolleyes:

ive done the whole thing … almost three full times in one sitting … is this something i should be mentioning ?? or trying to forget ?? but it was back in like grade 5 … and im pretty sure someone told me to shut it … but i probably didnt listen … really wouldnt surprise me …

and like others … i definitely didnt say milk …

You know I have to say at one of my band trips a kid once got to -54 bottles

Umm…I’m not sure if it’s just where I grew up, but I count down, and when I get to 0, I count up again. On a 1 hr bus ride, I went from 100 to 0 and back up to 100 before stopping
(Counting up is: Up chuck, spit it up, x bottles of (something) on the wall)

“99 miles of trail to go, 99 miles of trail. Hike a mile, rest a while, 98 miles of trail to go…”

About 2 summers ago, that was me while hiking. I do recall getting to the end of it…

Go big or go home. If you start this song, you *have *to finish it.

Then when we would get to zero, it’s

Zero bottles of beer on the wall!
Zero bottles of beer!
Go to the store, buy ten more!
10 bottles of beer on the wall!

There were times in elementary school we all used the “Go to the store, buy ten more!” line multiple times.

i’ve done it a couple of times on long field trip bus rides…