How Fast Can You Shoot 4 Discs?

1 day before championships we have finished tweaking our practice shooter and code. Here’s an unedited video of us shooting 4 discs. We are curious how fast you guys can shoot.

Good luck at Championships!

Right now, we’re averaging about 8 tenths of a second per shot.
From across the court.

Wow! Amazing shooting speed! As long as our feeder doesn’t get jammed (a problem we struggled with all year), we can shoot all four in just under three seconds!

Wow! That is insane! Good luck at champs!

we CAN shoot slightly faster than the video in the OP (see my signature).
However we prefer the slow and steady method during matches. Once in position, we shoot one shot, make sure it goes in, then shoot the other 3 with about 3/4-1 second between each shot. It only takes a total 2 or 3 seconds longer this way, but it’s a much safer strategy without any form of lock-on targeting or anything fancy

very impressive. I believe we are at 1.5 seconds to shoot 4 frisbees running our shooter open loop


what are you guys using as shooters? we lob our shots so takes maybe 5 seconds to shoot, little slow but doesnt move the chains so we can have other teams shooting same time and not have disks come flying out. :slight_smile:

We are using 2 rs550s on a cimulator gearbox. Were using a shaft encoder for feedback and are running a little above 50% of full speed in the video

Wow. Our shooter uses a window motor to push the frisbees through and into the flywheel, so it runs at ~0.8s per shot.

You basically just described our shooter :smiley: window motor turns flywheel which pushes the disc into the main shooter wheel. We can fire 4 in about 2-3 seconds, if they don’t get jammed.

.58 seconds between shots from the pyramid, 1.5s from across the field. We have a CIM with a 2:1 chain ratio to one of the 7.65 inch pneumatic wheels with a fly wheel on the wheel.

I plan on using a similar strategy, shooting one to ensure I’m lined up then rapid firing the rest of the discs.

At SVR, we were running at .3-.4 seconds per shot. We had 95% consistency from the back of the pyramid.

We have it down to 250 milliseconds per disk, we can do faster…but the last disk falls a bit if we go faster than what is shown in the video.

I timed the cycles in this video, and we are 0.9 seconds to get all 4 disk out. 3 are in the air before the first one hits the goal.

1st cycle = 1.7 second (we always delay the first one for aimming)
2nd cycle = 0.9 seconds (full auto shooting)
3rd cycle = 0.8 seconds (full auto shooting)
4th cycle = 3.5 seconds (slight hang up disk 1)
5th cycle = 0.9 seconds (full auto shooting)

Our photographer Wayne, did a good job capturing this here is an example:

One in the goal, two in the air.

Good luck to all those going to Championship, sorry we won’t see you guys there.

1503 always wins this competition :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats awesome, i dont know how long it takes for us but i believe we can shot with about 1/4 of a sec between shots, so probably ~3 sec full speed give or take. Good luck in your guy’s division.