How fast can you type?

I can type 39 wpm with a 94% accuracy according to the following test.

3 minutes Wizard of Oz

Take this test and see how fast you are. Use the same settings for uniformity and post your results here.

I used to be able to type 75 wpm on a standard manual typewriter, with only 2 mistakes during (I think) a 2 minute test. Back then we had to erase our mistakes, line up the paper again, and retype the letter. Computers used punch cards, so if you made a mistake programming, it usually meant punching a replacement card.

I don’t run java on my computer, so I can’t take the test you linked too…but I could get out one of the old typewriters and see how sorry I am now that I have a backspace key

68 wpm at 94% accuracy.

Know I’ve done a bit better on a similar test though.

70 WPM 97%

Once upon a time long long I was able to hit 100

I used this one

and got 73 and 80 wpm with 4 mistakes each time.

edit: I’m using an IBM keyboard made in 1992

Highest I recall ever getting was something like 120 - 130 wpm, albeit with liberal use of the backspace key. I took the Oz test you linked to and managed 50 wpm with 96% accuracy. To be fair, I am typing on my Dell mini 9, an 8.9 inch netbook.

89 WPM, 95% accuracy… could be better…

Try #2 84 wpm net; 87 wpm 95% accuracy
Try #3 95 wpm net; 102 wpm 93% accuracy

Could probably do better if not sitting here on the sofa with the laptop. :smiley:

I used the same one; 92 words per minute with no mistakes. I enjoy the ability to use my backspace key.

Now I just have to increase that to my maximum rate of speech… (250-300 wpm, thank you debate)

Ehh I only typed at 45 wpm with 95% accuracy. Of course if I didn’t have to type what they wanted me to then I would be able to type much faster. Like essays and things that are in my own words I can type much faster.

On that test, 67 wpm, 97% accuracy.

It depends what I’m doing though- I can tell I’m typing much faster right now because I don’t have to look at the screen to read exactly what I have to type as I’m typing it, I can just put down whatever it is that I want to say. Similarly, I type much more slowly when I’m retyping information, such as off of a paper, or the passage on the typing test. I also type more slowly on unfamiliar keyboards, as my fingers end up hitting the wrong keys much more frequently. (:

On The Wizard of Oz test, I managed 102 wpm @ 94% accuracy. :smiley:

Net Speed: 52 WPM
Accuracy: 83%
Gross Speed: 63 WPM

118 wpm with 92% accuracy. It’s a slow day.

(I’ve always been known for quick typing, and speed talking.)

71 wpm, 86 percent accuracy… but hey, that’s wat spell check is for… right?