How fast, how strong, how long?

Now that we’ve all been at this for about three weeks and many have machine construction underway, I was wondering if any of you wish to share some stats on your latest creations.

I’ll go first

speed- 6 ft/sec (low gear)

power- pushes over 500 lb dead weight (no wheels) easily- that’s as far as we’ve tested today

How about you folks?


We’ve only been getting prototypes of the various sub-systems to work. No full assembly yet.

Man that sounds scary, 500 lbs dead weight? If you pin us could I ask you to stop pushing? I think you might crush our frame like an empty coke can!

can you post your motors on the drive train and perhaps some gear ratios? otherwise, this info is rather lacking.


ps. i can do 100++ft/sec and pull 1000++lbs. Just gimme a porshe engine. :slight_smile:

We’re lookin at 7 fps at high speed, push a lot less. On low drive train, 1 fps and it’ll probably push the stadium award, I’ll find out the numbers soon.

Hey Anton-

Sorry my post doesn’t have all the info you want. I’ll get it together and get back to you in a few weeks…

In the meantime- sans Porsche engines- how’s the performance on other bots out there?

Just curious.

for iscrc2-

While we would never go out to “crush anyone like a Coke can” I am sure some robots will. We expect anumber of competitors with super powerful machines just like ours.

Pinning- not in the game plan per se. We may push around a few maybe, move a goal or two for sure. Nothing malicious though.

Better be prepared for both the best and the worst.

Hey- we’re all going to have fun with this!


the rambots are going 12ft/sec and pull/push goals 4ft/sec-6ft/sec, that is, if it’s built. :slight_smile: