How Has Being An Electrical Person Affected You?

I am not an electrical person, but it has given me bigger insight to everything that runs on electricity. Before robotics, it just used to be a blur to what the insides were. But now I have a basic idea. I actually have the balls to open up a gameboy (not my PS3 or something super expensive like that…:rolleyes: ) and mod it.

What you stated here is the blessing and the curse of being an engineer. After you finish going to college for an engineering degree, you learn so much about the world around you that it really changes your view of everything. Sometimes you wish you could just shut it all off and and just be amazed at the wonderment of it all but in the end, you can’t help but try and figure out how it all works.

This^. I’ve learned so much from FIRST that it amazes me how much it has changed how I think about the world.

Not to mention having a room full of disassembled computers/gameboys/TVs etc all in mid-mod.
Unfortunately nobody has yet engineered more hours into the day…

Good for you. Curiousity is a very powerful drive. As with other techie things, being good at technology whether electronics or programming, you will be the person to go to when somebody has a problem. To a certain extent, this is goodness. But it can be overwhelming at times. I became the support person for all my neighbors, family, friends or even friends’ friends. Whether their computers do not boot any more, their computers are too slow, neighbor’s furnace is not working, … You get the point. Most of the time, I do help them solve their issues. However, one thing I decided not to help any more is: “my computer is infected with viruses, help!” I fixed a few of these but then I discovered the same people get infected over and over again. It is extremely time consuming to clean up viruses and I am not good at it (i.e. efficient at it). Despite of that, I do enjoy building little projects from time to time. My last fun project was building a 12 TB server from scratch, installed Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition on it, created several VMs on it and dedicated one of the VMs as our team’s source control server.

Very true. Going to a themepark is a very different experience with a group of engineers/engineering students.

story of my life…oh well

How Has Being An Electrical Person Affected You?

Well, I learned how to laugh very hard when someone asked me to turn up the voltage on a diode(already at 2.2V).