How high is the platform?

and what is it made out of? We need to decide whether to use tank treads or not since they are plastic and the last time I built a vex bot it wouldn’t go up from one desk to another. The second desk was less than a cm higher than the one the robot was on



I believe that the platform is 1.1…inches high or 2.79cm. From my personal experience tank treads because they are plastic may not get enough traction. My team’s robot Has omni direction nals in the from and rear and a 2.75 inch wheel (6.98cm) in the center and we get up the ramp ok.

Sorry if my cm conversions are a Little off

Yes, the medium sized wheels ( i think 2 inch radius) work very well for getting up the ramp. However treads seem to have a few problems as stated earlier becuase of their traction

What ramp do you mean? I had thought the platform edges were at 90 degree angles to the ground (rather than sloped like a ramp).

Yeah, but the ramp is 1 inch off the ground, and the treads dont get up it too easily.

I think what Ethan means is the platform, not the ramp. I sometimes get them mixed up too (darn doing both FRC and FVC!!! :D)