how high

I remember hearing somewhere that you are only allowed to stack 8 high can someone please dispel this rumor

I remember hearing it was 12. Anyone know for sure?

EDIT: I’d look through the rules, but this computer keeps crashin when it loads a pdf.

There is no limit to how high you can stack. I seriously doubt stacks will get that high anyways in 2 minutes.

come to the nj reagional i bet you will see stacks 8 or higher

Sure, we’ll probably seem them, but it won’t be a winning strategy in my opinion.

My bet is you won’t see more than 4 high in most competition, even though there are designs capable of going higher. Two minutes is a short time with six robots and loading times to go much higher. Stacking high is a losing strategy. Stacking fast and wisely will win.

If I’ve said it once, Ive said it a thousand times and I’ll say it another time.

Anytime someone tries to take up more then 3 tetras at a time, they’re going to attract a lot of attention to themselves and waste a lot of time.

I seriously doubt seeing more then 5 on a single goal…seems like a waste of time to me when you have a possibility of 9 goals to stack from…id spread the wealth…there are no bonuses for stacking high, so whats the point?

The only thing I remember about how high you can stack is that when the game was first announced, someone said FIRST said the highest they could stack without it tipping over (by itself) was around 13+ tetras.
That I’m not sure is completely true… But no, there is no limit to what you can stack… Just don’t tip over a stack that’s too high while trying to cap… Disasterous…

What would happen if the tetras actually did topple over on their own? I don’t think it will ever happen but it might.

GO 1403!!!

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Probably the tetras falling down “on there own” would be an effect of the last team to stack. Hence the last team to stack would most likely get the penalty.
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well i would hope that the wonderful teams that come to nj would realize that the KEY to winning this game is not getting 20 high stacks no matter how impressive, but more importantly the key is to get the rows to be your color so you get that nice bonus for doing so.

lately it seems that more and more teams have been forgeting this, just coinsider this a friendly reminder to all the teams out there in CD-land

Well, I don’t know what happens if the tetras suddenly fall over (by themselves) 40sec after someone caps it. To me, it was stable when he capped it, so he did not “cause” the falling over. But that’s me, so I don’t know for sure, but it seems this particular case may be unlikely.

But, if a stack were so high, and you accidentally ran into a goal and they toppled, then you would get penalties (like below). I couldn’t find the Q/A or rule about that, but I remember seeing it somewhere.

If you try to cap it, and things fall over, then I believe the opponent owns that goal for the remainder of the match, and I believe all the opponents tetras on that goal would be counted (going by G18).

Not to mention the safety issues and possible damage to the tetras if they all fall over… what a sight it would be. Suggest thinking about another goal if a goal is capped more than 11-12 high.

Well I have seen this:

Big stack

guess its not completely true.

You can stack as many as you can, but with the exception of irregular circumstances there is typically a wiser choice on a different goal.

And about the Wildstang photo, wow…
just wow

This comes down to a simple math:
Let’s say you have 6 great robots. Game limit is 80 tetras. If all tetras are equally spread and stacked above goals, the highest stack you will see is ~9 tetras
In this same example, lets take the 40 tetras each side gets, Evenly distributed each robot gets to touch ~13 tetras, That means EACH Robot on an alliance has to get a tetra in play every ~8 seconds in non-auto mode!:eek: (105 seconds of time)

So what if your alliance robots can cap a tetra every 15 seconds? Well, each robot can get 7 tetras into play, each alliance gets 21 tetras into play. If both alliances are equal, 63 tetras get into play total, giving us an average stack of ~7

What about 20 seconds? ~5 Tetras into play per robot, 15 Tetras into play per alliance, 30 tetras per game, Average Stack is ~3 per goal :ahh:

Sure there is some fundamental problems with my math( What about auto mode? What about teams that don’t score tetras?) But it gives an idea.

That math there makes me think a bit, but I think there’s one good reason and one good place to want to stack high. Stacking high limits the number of robots that can cap a goal you own. The one goal you’ll really want to own is the center goal. The one goal that’s already higher than the rest is the center goal. Thus I think you’ll see some pretty tall stacks there.

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Exactly, Personally here is what i think a power team would consist of: 2 Fast cappers, Maybe they cant cap higher than say 4 on a small goal or 2 or 1 on the center goal. Then one tall arm to play defense and cap the center and any points that become higher than the 2 fast cappers can.

First off, the corner goals may also be as valuable as the center goal, not individually, but certainly at least one per match will become of high value to own. Not to mention, if you own all 4 corners, there are only 2 rows your opponent can get, vs the 4 they can get without the center. True, the center is only 1 goal, instead of 4, but still. So your going to need to concern yourself with stacking high on more than just the center goal(plus, because the center goal is taller, it is going too become to high to stack on for some robots very quickly, while the center goals are still accessable. This means your shorter reaching robots can still contend for them while your taller bots can fight over the center goal. An alliance with 3 robots that are still able ot compete is going to do better than an alliance with only 1 robot able to compete for the valuable goals).
Bottom line is, whatever goals are being highly contended for in that match, are going to be the goals with high stacks on them. Sometimes it will be better to go for another goal, sometimes it wont. For most robots it will be quicker to cap on the 1 goal higher than to cap 2 or 3 lower stacked goals.
Also, there will be robots capable of stacking large amounts at once, and they will help escalate the height of stack very very quickly.(Imagine there is a stack of 3 on a goal, then Team X puts 4 more tetras on at once. Suddenly it becomes a stack of 7, in the same stacking time, albeit longer loading time at the loading stations, as it takes to stack 1. Also, with many mechanisms, they will only have to be able to reach the height to place the 4th tetra, not all the way up to 7.)

I beg to differ. Check out this match from Midwest Regional in 2004: 45 vs. 93. There will be many teams who can do this in 2005.

As for “how high”… my guess is that good teams will get stacks of 5-6 on a few side goals and 3-4 in the middle. As we get further into the season, those numbers will rise some.

Andy B.