How HOT puts away the practice field...

We took this video about 3 weeks ago at the GM Proving Grounds… we had just gotten through praticing with our practice bot, but didn’t want to stop playing with it. So, this is how we put the field away that day :

Click here for video.
(Good shot of the arm)

Click here for a different view.
(Good shot of the bot ‘crabbing’)

Gotta love being lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

lol thats great…

lol, I didn’t know about this.

That should’ve been part of the game challenge. Make the number of goals on your goal be a multiplier.

lol Nick, you should’ve spent less time on the computers and more time watching us practice!

I just noticed something in the second vid… if you listen closely you can here the chain slip as soon as we pick up the goal ( note Kristen gloating that she ‘told us so’), then it slips about 3 more teeth while we’re setting it down. 1) It wasn’t made to pick up that much, 2) it didn’t have the tensioner our compitition bot had… :stuck_out_tongue:

we have a infamous video which I’ll try to upload of us lifting and fliping the center goal at the chatsworth preship scrimmige due to a programing problem in autonoumous
we designed our to have alot of torque because we didn’t want it to backslip when the motor is turned off even when its horizontal

Yeah i’m definately impressed! haha, great job guys. and congrats on your win from our team!
TEAM 281

both the vids give me broken… :(… haveto try at home…

… i suggested to our drivers to try lifting up a goal with our boom, but our practice bot has weaker motors, and we didnlt have competition bot, but now i think i will suggest it again… . we are able to lift 3 tetras with our bot, but it takes longer to raise it … so it should work… . :smiley:

either way… from the sounds of it … that is cool how you guys cleared the field… … congrats :smiley:

We tried that, but it didn’t work out…although it might have something to do with the goals being velcro-ed to the carpet :smiley:

the center goal we lifted was velcroed down
it was awesome it was especialy funny watching the referees reactions to this

our arm has alot of torque because it is powered by a vandoor motor turning a 1.5 inch diameter spool pulling a cable attached to a pulley at the top of the upright that the arm is attached to goes down to another pulley 1.5 feet out on the arm and reaturns to the upright where it is anchored this system offers alot of torque
not as much as the beastly arm i’m designing for next year though

the spool came out of an old wooden 4x4 from my garage it was interesting to make because the only power tools our team actualy has are some hand drills and a jigsaw, however my dad was kind enough to lend our team his drill press which we used as a lathe to make the spool
first i handsawed the corners off the 4x4 making it into a octagon which is much easier to lath
then we stuck a threaded rod through the block put a nut on each end and stuck it in the drill chuck
then we put a ball bearing aroung the bottom of the rod as we raised the drill table so the bottum of the rod went through the hole in the center
instant lathe

Just an amazing machine, and my favorite robot of the bunch from your first qualifying match at GLR. Awesome job guys!