how i became Slaveofchernobl

hey people.

i know you dont care, but i am bored and i feel like posting something, so here is the reason behind slaveofchernobl.

it comes from what my teamates call me… slave of chernoble. my real name is slavik cherniavsky…see the connection? well our advisor just like everyone else had trouble reading my name when i first joined the team, and so he let it slip out…as a joke of course…and thats been something people call me now. (it also helps that i am of soviet origin).

so what types of funny nicknames do you have, either on your team or just in everyday life?

advisor given nicknames- hmmmm!!

I need to talk about that in Orlando. Oh wait- were you going?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The new people on the team are called “Hey you over there in the (insert color of an article of clothing)”…eventually once people quit and the year goes on we learn names

Well, last year, when my team was down in Virgina for the Regional, our head programmer gave us a code to up-load, but i had a boo-boo in it. I went in, and after about 4 hours, i found out what it was. It sucked, but my real name is Maher (no, no it is not pronounced like that jerk’s name Bill Maher, it is like Maaher) and one of our team members started to call me Maha-Maha. It stuck, it is dorkish, but it is a programming name. W00t!:stuck_out_tongue:

My name is Talon Kratochwill. I was born in the USA and everything but the last name is Czechloslavakian, I don’t even know if I spelled that right, but here it is. I’ve been call Crothawell, Crotchy, Craponthewall, Crapinthewell, and I’m a big dunce so I’m usually injured somehow, so when I’m on crutches I’m usually Crutchawill. I’m also really short. I get Midget, Big T as a mockery, and anything else having to do with being short. I also get called Skitzo, and PimpMasterSmurf, if you want to know the whole story on the PimpMasterSmurf thing, IM me on AIM, it’s pretty funny, but not too appropriate in here.

Well my screen name is greenz_gurl15 is because I love green, I’m a girl, and one of my favorite numbers is 15. The other is 8. The two numbers combined make my birthday: August 15! Tadaaa!

Anyways…an advisor name I’ve been given is No Hue. That doesn’t make sense if you don’t know how to pronouce my name. My name’s Hue but it’s pronounced “way” as in “way cool”:slight_smile: Anyways…so one of the little jokes we have going on is when one of our advisors ask me: So when a boy comes up to you, what do you say? I have to reply: No Hue(way). It’s stupid but it’s funny. Always brings a smile to my face so that’s all good. :slight_smile:

YAY…GO August!

Aug 29 here.

I have two screen names: Harry Rocks, and Harrison.

Harry is short for Harrison, and Rocks, simply because I rock…lol

The Harrison one is kinda plane…But it works =)

mine is august 11!!!
go august people yeh!!!

April all the way! 04-29 here, 9 more days…

August totally rules man!

My actual official title on our team has been “the cute one” for the past 3 years, it kinda offended some other girls that were on the team and they ended up quitting, so now everyone uses it more.

the cute one :slight_smile:

My nickname is Molassas
I got it because my mentor randomly started calling me that one day, when I was being slow from talking to people my first year in the club, i think…

my nickname is Fish b/c of a dumb joke that a friend liked…so I got called Fsh which got changed to Fish when my team mate tried to say it…and then another team mate heard it and it kinda spread…so…yea… :slight_smile: I’m Fish or Fishy now


I was sitting at a club meeting one day and someone came up with the idea of having a volcano as a mascot. So everyone looks over at me, I wanna know why. Why is it because i am big or somthing. I don’t look like a volcano AND I CAN’T DANCE ask anyone at JnJ I really really suck. If someone could shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Yes it is because of your sheer size, and your personality.

But look on the bright side, you got to dance with the cheerleaders… :smiley:

don’t be so hard on yourself mr. volcano. just because you are big, slow, and somewhat shy of the bright side, doesn’t mean that you dont make a good volcano. after all, if you think about it, what else are you good for other than getting punched in the eye? lol

Can’t be too hard on him…After all he is the one out there w/ the cheerleaders…

Hey you guys- don’t pick on the Volcano Man! He is the only one of you guys strong enough to wear a ten pound hat on his head.

So all you girls out there- give the Volcano Man a nice hug. He’s suffered enough and he’s really just a big teddy bear.

And besides-He is graduating this year and we will be looking for a replacement next season. Hey wait a minute- you guys are still Juniors right?

Hmmm- I see something in a smoke cloud hat with flying birds, electric flamingoes and dancing gophers…


(PS- to all you non team 25 readers out there who think “Nah- they wouldn’t make him wear something like that”

… well you don’t really know us that well, do you?)

OMG! He was the guy with the crazy hat! You were awesome, and definitely one of the most orginal mascots:D at the J&J Midatlantic!

Hey, good luck down in Florida. You stand a good chance of cleaning up! Go #25 Go!

A few guys on my team call me Xcel (as in microsoft Eexel, God’s gift to bill gates, the greastest program ever made…ahem)

Its a long story, but basically I was a strategist last year, and was locked up in a hotel room doing database work all night during Florida. If my face wasnt in a laptop screen, it was a rare occasion indeed.

Thats only a fraction of the story. The rest needs to be told in person, its just too good for plain ol’ text (no dramamtic pauses or intonation:D )

I’ve been off exel for almost a year now, I’ve never looked back. It was taking up waaaay to much of my life…

–GJ in Florida, everyone!