[How I Work] - Adam Freeman

The latest “How I Work” article featuring Adam Freeman has been posted to our blog.

From the article

For our first mentor outside of our home state of Texas, we bring you the coach of one of the most successful FRC teams of all time. Adam Freeman joined the HOT Team (FRC#67) during their Hall of Fame 2005 season. He has been a crucial mentor of the team that has won three World Championships and three Michigan State Championships. Let’s hear from him on some of his favorite designs, what he works on at GM, and how HOT has been so successful for so long.

For more information on this series, please refer to the first thread about it.

Please let us know of other mentors that you want to see featured in this series or if you’re a mentor that would like to do an article please contact me.

In case you were considering it…don’t stop posting these.
It’s a privilege to have insight into the experiences of our peers.

Every one of these interviews has been insightful, if not inspiring. I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way.

Awesome idea. Great execution. Keep it going!

Thank you very much and we definitely plan to continue. We have about 5 more submissions ready and are waiting on submissions from several more great mentors. Any Aluminum Falcons interested in being featured?