[How I Work] - Andrew Lynch

This week’s How I Work article has just gone live on our blog.

Andrew Lynch is the lead mentor of team 2587 the Discobots and a close friend of Spectrum. Andrew is a true journeyman of Texas robotics teams. He has been on four different teams in his time in FRC, helping to start two of them. He also is one of the key players in the Texas VEX Robotics community from it’s inception in 2008. Just this past weekend he was the MC at Texas Robot Roundup. We asked him about his favorite team memory, his robotics experience, his education, and much more.

We still need more submissions. If you’re interested in writing one or want to nominate anyone please let us know.

Hi Allen,
The articles so far and a lot of the suggestions have been for technical mentors. Are there any plans to include NEMs in the series as well?


I know of one non-tech mentor who just sent in info today!

We do have some. It’s amazing how many people don’t feel like anyone would want to read what they have to stay. If you know of people you want to see, please tell them to contact me or send me their info. There are 52 weeks in a year and we’re no where near that many submissions.

Some fun facts:

NEMO has almost 800 registered members. Average 3/week joining in 2013. These are adult mentors who took the time to find out how to register on the website, filled out a form with info about themselves and asked to be added to the list. The members include both technical and non-technical mentors.

In March 2013, there were 16,266 requests for resource pages on the NEMO website.

Thank you to Team Spectrum for allowing me to take part in this awesome blog series. I hope more teams get inspired to do Blogs because we really need more quality information about FIRST on the internet !

That’s impressive ! Thanks for sharing insight into NEMO. I had no idea it was that big. I wish a Engineering Mentor Organization (EMO) existed (maybe that’s not the best name) !

Hopefully more mentors submit their entry into How I Work, let’s keep the momentum of this blog going into Kickoff.

Its been kind of quiet these last few weeks with registration and shutdowns, but hopefully people can find time to submit their story !