[How I Work] - Jess Jankowitsch

We’re already at our 6th edition of How I Work. This week we have Jess Jank, read her intro below and her entire interview at http://blog.spectrum3847.org/2013/08/jess-jankowitsch-this-is-how-i-work.html

Jess Jankowitsch has been around the FIRST program since her early days as an FLL student. She has performed nearly every job you can think of in FRC. She has been an FRC team president, mentor, emcee, judge, senior mentor, championship volunteer coordinator, assistant regional director, and she even finds time to run one of the best off-season events in FIRST, Texas Robot Roundup. Jess’s contributions to FIRST are substantial and Texas FRC teams are lucky that she moved down here from Pennsylvania for graduate school. Jess is one of our 1st non-engineering mentors that we have featured on this blog. The FIRST program wouldn’t be the same without the hard work of dedicated volunteers like Jess. Continue reading to hear from Jess about why she is studying psychology, her favorite music, some great advice, and even a recipe.

That is one fantastic workshop 2158 has. Looks spotless and beautiful! Awesome to see more schools being that supportive of STEM programs such as FRC.

Thanks for another blog post, Allen!

I love these articles on Lifehacker. This is an amazing idea doing it for people associated with FIRST. Keep bringing them!

Just wanted to pop in to write that I’ve been enjoying these. It’s cool to see what other folks do in their normal lives.

Thank you all, we’re just happy people are reading them. All of the posts have over 350 unique views some are over 850.

We still need more submissions so please nominate people you want to see (and pester them to do it). We have around 7 unpublished articles right now, so we’ll need more submissions if we want these to keep going past October.

Thank you for featuring Jess. She has been an inspiration to me since one of first times I met her - she was in HS. She stayed for clean up duty after an off season. Lots of the other students and adults left moaning and groaning about how tired they were. Jess stayed and helped us old folks. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting thousands of volunteers in FIRST. You can tell a lot about people at events by who is there to the end.
It’s been fun watching her path!
I wish I had half her energy. The energizer bunny quote is right on target.

Haha, it RARELY stays that spotless! The team is very fortunate to have these resources and is having a great time learning how to use them. We’re definitely grateful for all the support we receive.

Thank you, Jenny. :slight_smile: