[How I Work] - Jonathan Bryant 238

Jonathan Bryant - This is How I Work

In this week’s How I Work, we are going to look a little bit into the life of a familiar face from FIRST HQ. You might remember him as the guy who says “Bring out the dead!” in the FRC Stronghold Game reveal: Jonathan Bryant. When Jonathan joined FRC, he instantly became mesmerized by the regional atmosphere and years later became a FRC Kit of Parts Engineer. In this article, you can find out more about the amazing stories and advice Jonathan has to offer!

The PDF of the articles can be found here.

Thank you so much, Jonathan! It’s always interesting to know a little bit more about FRC students who begin working at FIRST HQ. We look to seeing you do more amazing things in the future!

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Thanks for sharing Jonathan!

Thank you to Spectrum for putting these blogs together.

Thanks JB for doing this.

We have a few more posts coming in the next few weeks so be on the look out.