[How I Work] - Katie Widen 1296

Katie Widen - This is How I Work

In this week’s How I Work, we’re delving into the life of a Katie Widen a former student of 1675 who is also the Co-founder and former mentor of 3928. Katie is currently working as a Software Engineer at VEX Robotics while mentoring 1296 and training to be an FTA. Katie tells interesting stories about her time on her team and the different things she has learned through her many years in robotics. Read more to know more about Katie and her experiences to become the amazing mentor she is now!

The PDF of the articles can be found here.

Thank you so much for doing this for us, Katie! Your advice and stories are funny and awesome at the same time making it a really good read so we hope that more people can read it!

If you would also like to be featured by our How I Work series, please contact us at team@spectrum3847.org.

Katie is such an awesome person! Always an inspiration. Thanks for the great article, 3847!

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Can confirm, Katie is awesome. I kinda wanna see Renee do one too.

One of my favorite write-ups so far. I have to admit, I wondered “who is Katie Widen, I wonder is she is KatieUPS”?

They definitely are the same person :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Spectrum for letting me do this! It was a lot of fun.

For anyone who hasn’t read the other How I Work articles, they’re all really interesting and I highly recommend them. I’m honored to be in the same group as Jim Zondag, Libby Kamen, Karthik Kanagasabapathy, and the many others!

Katie is so awesome I set myself a reminder to come post how awesome she is. Really happy to see this.

I can also confirm, Katie is awesome and an inspiration. <3

Katie is awesome! Her help with 1296 is an immeasurable blessing! She is a great example to all FIRSTers.