[How I Work - Norman Morgan (2468)

We have another key mentor from our home state of Texas, Coach Norm, in this week’s “How I Work”.

Norman Morgan, or Coach Norm as he is known to most, has been coaching FRC#2468 since their inception six years ago. 2013 was a breakout year for team 2468, winning the Hub City Regional Chairman’s Award, finally taking home their first regional banner at the Alamo Regional, and putting on a great performance on the Archimedes field at the Championship event. Coach Norm has been a huge part of that success and was honored by being presented the 2013 Hub City Woodie Flowers Finalist award. Coach Norm is truly dedicated to his students and spreading STEM in the community. Coach Norm expands on why he got into education, how he got the opportunity to coach Team Appreciate, and much more.

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Great article. I was proud to meet Coach Norm in our rookie season and was very excited to see that he recognized us our second year while participating in Lubbock. It was an honor to get to know Coach Norm and a privilege to team up with him at the Alamo Regional. Coach Norm has to be one of the most powerful motivational speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. I come from a baseball background and have had many great coaches, but Norm is out of their league as far as motivational speeches go. Congrats and hope to see yall in Del Rio soon, we are working on an FTC Qualifier in Del Rio, November 23rd.

Mr. B

Norm is a class act! One of our favorite things at each regional is to find Norm and catch up. The mentors of FIRST Team 1296 were excited to see Team Appreciate’s well-deserved success in 2013!

I got to meet Norm at IRI and the rest of 11 met him at Champs when his team was our alliance captain. Really friendly mentor and team!

Coach Norm also has an extremely firm handshake, so be warned! :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations to an inspiring mentor.
He does great things for his program and his school district is lucky to have him.