[How I Work - Wendy Holladay

How I Work - Wendy Holladay

This week we are looking into the life of Wendy Holladay, a very supportive member of her team, always helping and encouraging her students to get the energy to move forward. She is a dedicated founder to her team and doesn’t let anything get in her way.

Thank you Wendy for being a part of this project.

We still need more people to submit for How I Work. Please encourage your mentors to submit.

Here is the form to fill out. Send completed forms to Team@spectrum3847.org

Also the PDFs are up as a white paper.


I am so honored, thank you. And thank you to Rachel Holladay, FRC Teams 1912 and 3504 for pushing me to get this done.


Yay Mom! <3

Wonderful read. Wendy, I’ve enjoyed working with you over the last few years…


please add yourself to the list of very distinguished mentors who have worked with 3847 to create this blog. you have a great story to tell. rachel pushed me to to do this and i’m glad she did.

allen and his team will guide you thru the process. they’re great.


That was an excellent read.

thanks alex, so was yours