How important do you think it is to pick up frisbees from the floor?

Our team is thinking a lot about the fact of having a pickup mechanism. I mean yes having it is nice but the game starts only with 4 in the floor. The only reason that I can think of to have a pickup system is because your team might feel like you will be missing some shots?

Some reasons our team has considered:

  • It is a near-guarantee that some shots will be missed per match. Defense will see to that.
  • Those frisbees on the ground are in prime position to be picked up and scored in Auto, giving you a head start, and potentially allowing you to score points that effectively “disappear” after autonomous ends
  • With a good pickup mechanism, it may be more effitient to spew a bunch of frisbees down field early in the match, then sweep them up and score throughout the rest, removing the need to constantly cross the field
  • Even if you don’t rely on pickup for most of the match, the ability to score that one clutch buzzer-beating frisbee lying on the floor in front of you could make or break a match

Not arguing with most of these, but who are earth is shooting from a location that can be defended? :eek: And more importantly, where is their vision code, and can I see it?

The game starts with at least 10 on the floor by the way, at least 6 of which you can potentially easily reach (2 are under the opposing pyramid and 2 are between that pyramid and their goals). More for the centerline if not everyone preloads all 3.

I can see it being very valuable if you’re capable of scoring what you pick up (preferably including upside-down discs). We want to, but we intend to get a working 30pt climber and high shooter going first, so only time will tell if we pull it off. I could see a team prioritizing the other way though. Elim alliances will likely want a good, high scoring floor pickup, especially if you can nail the centerline auton disks.