How important is getting the rocket RP?

Will getting the Ranking Point from the rocket be all that important? Is it more or less important than focusing on getting up on the HAB? Will the difference in ranking points make or break a team’s standing?

It’s as important as 1RP is to your team


The Rocket is also 30 points, where the HAB can be as little as 15

Depends on what your team’s goals are and where your team is located. If you’re in a district system, IMO your priority should be to get as many RP as you can to rank high to help with your advancement points (this doesn’t apply to all teams, whatever your team’s goals are is up to your team, I’m just some guy on the internet). However, if you’re in a regional system, I feel like you can worry less about that if you’re just trying to get picked and win the regional. If you’re trying to seed high, however, I think it will be more important as the season goes on, like capturing in Stronghold or getting the 40 fuel points in Steamworks.

I would have to agree with the people who commented above. My team has decided to focus on it due to the fact that it gives quiet a few points… But along with this it gives you that extra ranking point which is very important if you want to be in top teams, and continue on through the competitions.

This is actually not true. If you factor in opportunity costs, completing the rocket will almost always be worth nothing. In fact, trying to completing the rocket will perhaps even subtract points from your score, because the mechanism to get the ball to the high goals will almost certainly take longer/be more error prone. The only time completing the rocket will actually be worth actual points and not RP is if your team completely fills up the low goals (unlikely except in regional/district finals or world champs), or if it influences your team into using more null hatch panels (leading to more Cargo scoring for a maximum of 3 extra points).

On the other hand, I believe good climbers will consistently execute in < 20 seconds from being on the level 1 platform, and a climb is worth 9 extra points (equivalent to 7 second cargo cycles).

As such in my opinion, climbing will be more valuable than high scoring until people can fill up all the low scores.


Ill Tacobet that mechanisms to score cargo in high goals will be less errorprone than mechanisms that score the level 3 HAB.

Also, wdym by “low goals?” Do you mean the Cargo Ship? Or the bottom row of the rocket? If the latter, are you saying that an alliance on average wont be able to complete a row of the rocket per match?

The scoring opportunities I’m talking about are all of those on the Cargo Ship, as well as the lowest ones in the rocket. There are a total of 24.

My statement was in the context of comparing scoring low to scoring high. My only point was it is a mistake to say that going for the rocket is worth more actual points than going for the HAB; I argued that going for the HAB was more time efficient than average scoring, while going for the rocket is less time efficient than average scoring. I agree that the engineering tradeoffs involved are more complex.

Most teams want to rank high…so 1 RP helps that.
If you don’t rank high then the eliminations are out of your hands
= Important (1/2 a win or tie)

Points in quals:

Rocket RP value = 30 points in scoring
HAB 15 RP value= 15- 36 points in scoring

The rocket is definitely very important. Up for grabs is 30 points as well as a ranking point. Being able to do the high hatch very well gives your team value in alliance selection. You will be seeing the very good teams (ex: 254, 2056, 148 etc) being able to reach every hatch and having 4rp matches very consistently.

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If you have the ability to generate a RP with little or no reliace on your alliance partners than you will be at a significant advantage in the standings. See Greater boston in 2017, where 125 (capable of getting a fuel RP solo) ranked 2nd, with the next team with a better win/loss record being 8th.

I’m sure there are many other examples of this phenomenon. RPs directly make or break a team’s ranking.

I cannot say that it will be more or less important than the HAB RP, both will matter. Your team has to choose a priority based on your capabilities.

In thinking about it further - the RP has no point bonus associated with it during playoffs, so I can see a routine HAB climber ranking well, then being declined/ignored in alliance selections because their 12pt level 3 climb is worth less than 2 cargo, 2 hatches, and a Level 1 ‘climb’ (really just a park).

There are 19 cycles to score on the first level.

2x8 cargo ship + 2x2 rocket 1 +2x2 rocket 2 = 24
take away
2 cargo ship preloaded
3 team choice preloads

If you use 30 seconds for endgame and leave 120 for game pieces:
3 robots x 120s each / 19 cycles = 18.9s per cycle to complete everything on level one.

Won’t happen every match, but there will be few that do.

It depends on your strategy, if you are looking to be a top team in the top 8; yes that ranking point is critical. If you are looking to be a great support bot, then its better to be phenomenal at one or two things and be able to score a lot of points with that.

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How important is the Rocket RP? Not as important as winning the match. I have a feeling a lot of teams are going to sacrifice the latter for the former in both their robot designs and in-match gameplay.

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Early events: not important.
Later events: pretty important
District and World Champs: a must have

If my team went 0-12 at our last 6 district events and got both bonus rank points (or 6-6 and got 1/2 bonus rank points) averaging 2 rank pts/match, we would have placed:

8th, 9th (2018), 1st, 1st (2017), 10-16th, 21-24th (2016).

Granted the bonus rank points were different for those years, but that’s a pretty strong argument to exclusively go for the rank points.


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