How in the heck do we get our LabView license?

So technivally I’m not on the team anymore (graduated last year), but I’m somewhat mentoring and our team’s most active CD user so my programming team wanted me to ask.

Normally we get a disc with the license code right on it.

This year, we did not.

The code our coach seems to have access to is a nine-digit code that doesn’t resemble at all the license codes from the past four years.

My programmers tell me it doesn’t work.

So where the heck is our code???

Thanks in advance for the help, whatever it is :laughing:

The code is in the virtual kit of parts under National Instruments, it is a nine-digit code so it sounds like you got that right, it should go in under the serial number when asked for it here:
User Information
I would recommend following this guide step by step if you are having difficulties:
The NI Activation Wizard which comes up at the end of the installation may be what you are seeing, I believe it requests a license code, it seems like you can simply close out of this page as we do not need to register our products with National Instruments. You should then be asked if you want to restart.


per the FIRST blog:

Any codes needed to redeem vouchers or license software will go live in the team’s registration account at Codes will only be visible for secured (i.e. paid) teams and only visible to Lead Mentors 1 and 2.

@orangeandblack5 please review the following guide: FRC Lost Software Packet or Serial Number From Kit of Parts

If you are having problems with the given serial number, please contact us during the week from 1 to 7 PM CST

I’ll pass this along, thanks!

They told me that they tried the code again and it now works. They suspect the internet blockers on the school’s internet, but are unsure as to if that is the cause or not.

Either way, thanks everybody!

P.S. - The codes for every year I can remember have been of the form M##X#####, but this one isn’t at all. Coincidence? Or were they actually changed?

I can confirm that our code from this year also does not look like M##…, but worked just fine when activating things.

The letters can change similar to the numbers. A couple of years back, it was S instead of M. If you have M##X this year, you should directly message me. That’s not a valid SN.

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