How is Bristol-Myers Squibb?

My team recently lost our main sponsor… We are looking into new sponsors for next year, and we think we may have a lead with Bristol-Myers Squibb. If anyone from a team that is sponsored by them has any feedback on them, please post it here. How much money and/or support do you get? Do they help out alot, or is it mostly a monetary donation? Thanks for yor help.

Team 25 is sponsored by Bristol Myers. Being a veteran team, we get a lot from them. They’ve always been extremely supportive and helpful. I know the situation is different for rookie teams, maybe you should talk to members from 1089 or 1403, they may be able to give you better feedback.

Team 30 speaking here:
We get about $10,000 from them to do all that basic registration stuff. (We go to 2 regionals). They’ve also supplied us with our team shirts and Fury bags. (Most teams give out pins. We give out cloth tote bags. Go figure.)

We’re located (relatively) close to them geographically, so they do some machine work for us. Our team has a tech lab in the basement that consists of a bandsaw and a drill press. Not very extensive, so BMS helps us out. I know that this year we sent them the plans for our gearbox and they machined it for us. Other than that, I’m sure they’ve machined other things for us in the past but I can’t give you specifics.

Hope the info helps. Good luck with the sponsor searching!

Hey tom… Your neighbors at 228 are sponsored by them already. I’m not saying that you can’t be sponsored by them too, but just tread lightly as to not interfere, as it may be, with another local teams big sponsor.