How is everyone, eh?

Posted by Devin Mahesh.

Student on team #188, Blizzard, from Woburn Collegiate Institute and Ontario Power Generation, Scotia Bank, Celestica.

Posted on 6/3/2000 9:09 PM MST

Greetings people. It seems like so long ago that we were all in Florida having the times of our lives and competing in the greatest robotics competition in the high school WORLD. It was wondeful wasn’t it.

It has not been easy to keep in contact with everyone especially with the amount of work needing completion. I hope all is good south of the boarder. Things up here are great. We are currently trying to get more Canadian teams to join for next year and things are looking good by way of that. We are wrapping up the school year with a robotics party (playing hockey and BBQing,)

Every little while I think back and remember the great times that I had Roboting and it makes me stop and think that for the rest of my life, I will never forget the experiences that I had, the people I met, and those friendships I formed. To all those who will not be returning next year I wish you all the best in whatever you chose to pursue and to those who will see you soon.

Also if anyone has a calender of upcomming robotics related events ie CDI and such passing on the information would be much appreciated.

Team 188
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