How is one 'inactive'?

When I get unsubscription mail, does that mean I’m inactive? If so, how much ‘inactivity’ does it take until the system barages me with mail?

What unsubscription mail did you get?

It doesnt send automatic emails out … and I don’t remember sending any …

If I don’t view the page in a few days, I get an e-mail giving me information for unsubscription. it says:

For unsubscription information, go to …

I think what you’re seeing is the “reply to post” message. It appears when someone replies to a thread you have posted in, and yes, it does have unsubscribe info at the bottom.

yep. what he said. :slight_smile:

fwd me the email ( and i’ll make it stop (for that particular thread)

thanx, guys :slight_smile: