How is qualifaction score calculated?

Also what is HP, BP, and CP?

Im pretty sure, HP: Hybrid Points; BP: Bridge Points; CP: Coopertition Points. That was the same question i had last week. :slight_smile:
Oh ya, and Qualification Points are calculated like this. If a team wins a match they get 2 Qualification Points. If a team balances on the coopertition bridge with an opponent, all teams on both alliances receive 2 Qualification Points. :slight_smile:


You get two qualification points when your alliance wins, one in the event of a tie and two coopetition points when the coopetition bridge is balanced with at least one robot from each alliance. Your alliance gets 1 coopetition point for trying to balance the center bridge, defined as the bridge supporting a robot from each alliance, but not being balanced. Your coopetition score is added to your qualification score to produce the final qualification score.

HP=Hybrid Points
BP=Bridge Points
CP=Coopertition Points

Here’s the simple math to figure it out:
Qualification Score (QS) = Wins*2+Ties+CP

posted wrong link. here are the correct ones:

Qual scoring: Para 5.3.3

HP BP TP CP explanation: Para 5.3.4 & 5.3.6