How is scouting different in FiM?

Hi Michiganders. I’m a scout for a team that’s in MAR this year, and I’m wondering if there were any differences between regional scouting and district scouting, besides scale?

I’m in MAR, but I am puzzled as to what you think could be different?

You get about 1.5 times more chances to see the robots.

Another big difference I have noticed is that there are so many more events that there will be a lot more events near your area. That means you can go scout a lot of events that your team is not participating in. Since Michigan went to the district system, I typically attend an event every weekend whether we’re participating or not.

To add on to what Chris said, not only can you personally scout more events, but those events are very similar to events you’ll play in with quite a few of the same robots. Even if you go into your first event somewhat unprepared, you should go into your second event having a pretty good idea how the game is going to work and who has a good chance of coming out on top.

Scouting an event every week is essential. Because there’s so many more matches, scouting can be a lot more accurate. That means the best will be better than usual strategically and you can get a bigger leg up over your competition. The more you attentively watch, the more you’ll learn.

At the districts, they leave the lights on so it is easier to see your scouting sheets versus most regionals.

You can generally get 8 matches per team of data on Friday which allows for you to make a pretty good list Friday night.

Teams tend to improve quite a fair amount their second event. Most week 4 & week 5 events have almost all teams competing at their 2nd event, and thus average scores go up.

First event tends to be teams trying to execute the way they want to play. Second events tend to be teams executing in a more strategic way.