How is WPIlib pronounced?

  • Worcestershire Sauce Lib
  • Worcestershire Sauce Libe
  • Worcestershire Sauce Libby
  • Worcestershire Sauce Library

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As a life long New Englander and WPI Alum:
Wuh - stir - the correct pronunciation, also the correct pronunciation in old England.

Wuh - stah - Is how the folks with the Eastern Massachusetts / Boston accent say it

Wooo - stir - People from Western Pennsylvania and Ohio because they seem to think you say it like Wooster, OH

War - chest - er or War - sess - ter - These are used by people who have wither never heard the name said out loud or pronounce nuclear as nuke - u - ler


Didn’t we do this? It’s definitely whippy libe.


Although, given Option #3 in the poll. I might change my answer to Whippy Libby…

yeah, they didn’t have the right answers though. I needed to ask the real questions.

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Is it blasphemous to say ‘W’ ‘P‘ ‘I’ ‘L‘ ‘I‘ ‘B’ … :cold_face:

if you’re holding a bottle of worcestershire sauce then you’re good.

Yes, but only because the ‘i’ and ‘b’ aren’t capitalized. Correctly, it’s ‘W’ ‘P’ ‘I’ ‘L’ “ib”

“double yew pee eye el ib”


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