How is you auton coming?¿

Self explanatory. How is your autonomous coming? Answer honestly.

there’s nothing for “we have autonomous but it just doesn’t work”

yes there is. In fact there are many options for that. Hence second set of options

I just finally got the camera working with my scripting tonight (don’t ask me how because honestly it seems like it just started working on its own)… and I have a week to write automous providing no more bugs pop up O_O. So currently we have no automous written but definitely plan to use the camera… it’s going to be a long long weekend…

Planning on breaking up the Auton mode into discrete chunks (technical term) of time (stages). Each stage is set via digital inputs (4 options each stage).
Alliance Color, Position on Field (a,b,c), and 2 pins for each auton stage = 2x3x4x4x4x4=768 Auton options :eek:

Realistically, We may knock the stages down to 3 from 4.
2x3x4x4x4=192 Auton options.
(time contraints for testing)


scratches head ummm… we don’t know yet?? :o Unfortunately, we have a case of 'the autonomous mode’s ready, but the 'bot isn’t. As I type, we’re back to about square three and a half. The 'bot’s not completely dismantled yet, but it’s getting there. So until then… :o

Hmmm… web havn’t quite started that yet… Only one week left, we’ll start it in a few days… Plenty of time left, hey maybe the robot will even have the motors in then… but I can only hope so, otherwise the autonomous mode will be untested again, and will go into the competitions not knowing what we will do.

Ours is going pretty well. We worked for about 14 hours on it this weekend and I think it’s really slose to being finished :smiley:

Yea I was trying to do some simple things with it and then progress into multiple modes but my old code that worked was somehow overwitten by my new code that does not when they are 2 different names.

Autonomous is completely ready… to be typed up, tested, debugged, and completed. Just got done with the flowcharts, the camera is calibrated and other necessary hardware just needs to be hooked on to the robot. Nothing big, I think. All that needs to happen is for the thought to fall in and settle so that we have autonomous, simply put. :smiley: :rolleyes:

I have a question for ya’ll. After the tetras are placed onto the field by the judges before autonomous, are we allowed to flip any switches on our controls to change our autonomous program(before the match begins obviously)? Thanks a bunch!

GO 1403!!!

I think that this covers it:
“<G06> No team member may pass the Starting Line in their TEAM ZONE until the conclusion of the
But you can have some switches set on it before you bring it up there…
Not sure about if ‘after the conclusion of the autonomous’ means after that you cannot, but I have not really seen any other rules mention it…

another option is need for the poll:

] ready to create the autonomus code but waiting for the reast of the team to finish their last bits of teawks to the robot.

or something long the lines. :wink:

(sry if any misplellings spell check not working)

Yes I miss that option too … I’m having a hard time getting access to our robot so I could only test parts of it but never “the complete thing”. So I don’t have any clue if my modified Version of Kevin Watson’s Code (I use a new self made scriptlanguage that allows you If Statements, etc.) is going to work or not … If the Hall Effects are broken or somebody hit our Gyroscope building the robot I’ll have a long long long looonnng weekend … ^^

I smartened up this year and wrote a totally modular autonomous program. So, all I need to do is load the code, check whats wrong, change #define’s, and repeat.

As for what we are doing… we have no set amount of programs. We input a set of parameters into the bot (starting position, offense/defense, center/side goal, vision) and the robot figures out what to do. When all said and done, I believe there are about 22 different options for autonomous mode, and hopefully they all work to plan. Got all this weekend to debug tho. :slight_smile:

Our 9 autonomous codes haven’t been started yet, however they will be done on time. Just got to finish the robot itself and then we can begin. Each mode should not take long. Assuming they all work on the first try :stuck_out_tongue: