How iseveryone doing

Just Checking in to see how far ahead or behind my team is and how far ahead or behind everyone else is

we r doing pretty good here. we are prototyping everything and seeing if our concepts work. we are also working on our programing exciting stuff. soon hopefully (1 weekish) we will have a robot.

We have a final design done, a near-finished drive system, and we have built a base with wheels. We are finishing final prototyping of our grabbers. Overall, we are on track for an on-time finish (for once).

We tested it out yesterday, and it works! Yes, we have the final version moving! But everything else is still on paper…

We have a basic frame built, and a number of ball manipulators prototyped in wood. We are starting in on our final goal grabbers tommarow, and the drive train parts should be here by wed (!). 8)

This is better than last year, but we could have done even better. Oh well, we’ll still do a good job, and pick up the slack next time around!