How it all started

A few years ago durring one of Dean’s speaches he disscussed how he found a nobel prize in the back of a closet. If my memory serves me he said that, that helped to inspire him to start FIRST. I need to know exactly what he said for a college paper (ie I need the exact quote/speach). If any one has a solid memory of the speach or if you have a tape please let me know exaclty what he said.

Thanks for you help

Joe Canavan
Team 125

I vaugely remember the speech the you are talking about. I think that Dean was referring to a friend of his, who was a Nobel Laureate, and had put the prize in the back of a closet somewhere. After many years, Dean was helping to clean out the closet and came across the prize.

That is all my addled memory can recall at the moment. Perhaps an e-mail directly to Dean will clear it up.