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so at grits this weekend I learned that a 2 inch in diameter hole is just big enough for a robot to stick its intake In and disable our robot. the miracle was the team that didn’t had no idea that they magically disabled our robot by perfectly hitting our off switch…

2 inch diameter hole, I’m more impressed than angry:ahh:

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My favorite “main breaker turned off” story is from 2012. Breaker was mounted level to a platform in the back corner of the robot, about 10 inches high. Backed underneath a bridge a bit after getting off it, it swung down and cleanly hit the little red button. All our other electronics are back there and our pit crew was in hysterics watching the match fearing the worst…but nope, literally just turned the robot off the way it’s meant to be turned off.

Put a small standoff adjacent to the switch for the next match.

We had a great little bot in 2016, a real gem. It was my first year in FIRST, my teams first bot to make it to nationals, and our first time getting second place at state. We played in a grand total of 4 events that year, and it was only the LAST ONE where a very minor, ever so unnoticeable defect revealed itself to us. In the first 15 seconds of a match, moments after the infamous 1/4 second can war, our bot shut down. We were shocked! after the match, and after reviewing the tape, we saw in a freak coincidence that an alliance member swung about with their can and managed to press it into out guard around the breaker, tripping it. OK, no problem, wont happen again; some 48 matches played so far, no issues like that had ever happened before. Nope. Next match, same thing. Armored it up for the third, really pushed the weight limit, and then no more issues!

Remember kids, don’t let others push your buttons.

My favorite “main breaker turned off” story is also form 2012. That year 1114’s intake was multi purpose. They used it to intake balls, manipulate the bridge and every now and then clamp over a teammates bumpers to pull them up for the balance. As you may be able to guess, on one of those balance attempts they smashed down on top of their teammates breaker disabling them. I’m fairly certain they still pulled 'em up for the balance though. :slight_smile:

My favorite was from 2013, when we found that our climbing sequence could hit the main breaker button on the pyramid crossbar: We relocated the breaker after that.

Your team needs to pay closer attention to the location of that switch.

Yes, there is a trade-off between access (must be good) and protection; this is called Optimization.