How long can you stay Stationary?

How long is a robot able to stay stationary with getting a penalty?

There is no stated limit for the amount of time that a robot is allowed to stay stationary. However, there are several restrictions on where your robot is allowed to be under certain circumstances, and the time limit you have to rectify a violation. See <G40>-<G43>. Basically, it all depends on where you are and what your opponents are doing, but presumably if you’re off sitting in a corner, you would be permitted to stay there for the entirety of the match if you so desired.

I think what Casey is asking about is what happened at the end of the demo when one robot stopped at the other side of the finish line and bounced the ball back to their alliance partner on the other side so they could place the ball up top at the end. Are you allowed to stop and bounce the ball back to your partner like that and if you are how long or how often?

EDIT: Got this wrong the first time. If you are HURDLING, you are also CROSSING at the same time. As such, I’m thinking that you would get eight points for the first HURDLE, and six for each HURDLE after being tipped back. That doesn’t sound right at all, but that’s the best I can read from this. The only way I can make the seemingly proper interpretation happen (where only the first one counts) is if scoring by HURDLING is dependent on scoring by CROSSING.

<G13> A TRACKBALL that has CROSSED its own FINISH LINE must CROSS the opponent’s FINISH LINE before it can score by CROSSING its own FINISH LINE again.

Sorry to say this but wow that sound more confusing then helpful.
A trackball has to cross the opponets finish line before you can score again…
I thought it had to only pass the yellow line; that seperates each overpass.

as I far as I can tell, in the video, when the bal was bounced back, it didn’t hurdle, it was placed on top, so it didn’t need to cross the opponent line (I may be wrong but that’s how I see it)

I asked Mr. Brown (National Head Ref) about this and he said that as long as the robot is not IMPEDING progress (per definition), then the robot does not have to move. ie, unless there is no clear path around robot, the robot does not have to move

Remember, though, if another robot bumps you for impeding, you must clear the path. So if you’re just trying to be obnoxious by being a roadblock, it won’t work.