How long do you keep the warranty valid?

So recently, I came into ownership of a new desktop PC, just for those odd things you can’t accomplish on a Mac. I know there’s a lot of things that can be done to a standard PC these days, and some of them (second optical drive, more RAM, maybe even a big side window for the fun of it) I’m inclined to add. (Well, I might skip the window.)

That said, I’m also interested in making sure that the hardware I already have works, and that anything that does go on the fritz gets fixed under warranty and not the Money From Billfred’s Wallet Plan. I assume that there’s folks out there who have been in a similar boat; how long did you hold off before cracking the case open?

45 minutes. My new graphics card came a few days before my computer did. Set up my computer, made sure everything worked. Popped that card in.

More or less, your hardware under warrenty will operate without problem- check it, and you’re alright. What’s less likely to work is add ons. I’m not even sure that all warrenties are voided by simply opening the case. Most likely, if your computer runs properly for a few days or weeks without issue, it will continue to. Problems will arise with improperly installed hardware, which won’t be covered under warrenty anyways. Just read those manuals really, really carefully, and buy an anti-static bracelet.