How long does a delivery from SDS outside the US take?

Hi, my team wants to buy parts for a swerve drive from SDS. We are an Israeli team and we were wondering how long does a delivery from SDS take now with delays caused by covid-19. If anybody has ordered from them recently to inside / outside the US, It would really help if you can tell me how long it took.

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We have ordered parts from WCP before covid-19. However we requested help from Turkish communities in US. Contact of ours took the parts with her from US to Turkey . You could contact Isreaeli Embassy in US or communties. When they traveling to Israel ,they can pick up the parts for you. Otherwise it could take 3-4 weeks and you have to pay tariffs.

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During build season I shipped swerve modules to Israel both with DHL and USPS. With USPS there was a significant customs delay with Isreal Post. All of the DHL shipments went smoothly. We now only offer DHL for international shipments as I have found it to be the most hassle free.

We have not shipped anything to Israel during covid-19, however, we have sent out other international shipments recently with DHL. There were no shipping delays with these shipments, so I would expect shipping to Israel to go smoothly.


Yeah unlike the USPS, Israel Post is notoriously bad. They’re well known for making mail disappear without a trace. Once they sent me a package to the wrong post office, couldn’t tell me where it was, then nearly sent it back to China because I didn’t pick it up (because they couldn’t tell me where it was). Shipping to Israel with DHL or another private shipping company is probably the better option even if it is a bit more expensive.


We just had an order ship to Israel last week. Total transit time from pick up to delivery with DHL express was 6 days.


It was our order. As you said it arrived very quickly and we are currently on our way to manufacturing and assembling our swerve modules! Thank you very much!


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